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Can I join a Levaquin class action lawsuit?

Right now Levquin lawsuits are being handled on an individual basis, rather than as a class action.

A class action lawsuit is comprised of a large number of claimants seeking damages against a common Defendant, effectively bundling cases together and granting a settlement that is split equally among individual class members. At the resolution of a class action, individual class members would receive a portion of the final Levaquin settlement according to their injuries and other predetermined criteria.

While Levaquin lawsuits have not been so classified, the claims are being handled in manner that seeks to maximize judicial efficiency.

Levaquin lawsuits consolidated in MultiDistrict Litigation

The Levaquin lawsuits were consolidated pursuant to an order of the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation in June, 2008.  U.S. District of Minnesota Judge John R. Tunheim was appointed to oversee the litigation.

Multidistrict Litigation, or “MDL,” is often ordered in response to a rapidly growing trend in the number of lawsuits getting filed against common defendants by individuals raising similar questions of fact. Parties are encouraged to resolve their disputes prior to the need for trial, and bellwether trials are often used as a barometer to gauge trends among jury verdicts offering another chance for parties to reconsider their settlement options.  If parties are still unable to resolve their Levaquin lawsuits during the pretrial MDL, then cases will be returned to their original courts for trial.

Federal and state Levaquin lawsuits have been coordinated for discovery purposes for some time.  The first bellwether Levaquin trial in the federal MDL resulted in a jury verdict of $1.8 million awarded to an 82-year-old Minnesota man who suffered two Levaquin tendon ruptures. Appeal of that verdict is currently pending. The next bellwether trial is set to commence on May 31, 2011.

A New Jersey state Levaquin lawsuit, set to begin on April 11, 2011, has been postponed.

Consider filing an individual Levaquin lawsuit

Individual Levaquin lawsuits have yielded at least one successful result for a plaintiff on the strength of his own tendon rupture claim.  Anyone who has suffered a painful and debilitating Levaquin side effect is encouraged to speak to an experienced Levaquin lawyer about taking his or her claim to court.